Audition Dates for the 2017/2018 Season *

Audition details will be posted for each show approximately one month prior to the audition dates.

Babes In Toyland

Director: John Rohlfing

Performance Dates:

Dec 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 – 2017

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Audition Dates: Sept 25, 26 | 6:30 PM

*Auditions will be held in the basement of the United Methodist Church (on Walnut Street, just past the theatre).

Female Roles: 3 Adults, 3-5 Youth, plus Chorus

Male Roles: 6 Adults, 3-5 Youth, plus Chorus

Some roles require singing and/or dancing.

And Then There Was One

Director: John Rohlfing

Performance Dates:

Jan 26, 27, 28, Feb 2, 3 – 2018

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Audition Dates: Dec 4, 5 | 6:30 PM

Female Roles: 5 Youth

Male Roles: 6 Youth

Almost, Maine

Dinner Theatre at the Pines in Seymour

Director: Stacey Williams

Performance Dates:

Dinner Shows: Feb 16, 17, 23, 24 – 2018

Matinee (without meal): Feb 18, 2018

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Audition Dates: Nov 6, 7 | 7:00 PM

Female Roles: 2 – 9 Adults

Male Roles: 2 – 9 Adults

This play has flexible casting. Some roles may be double cast.

All My Sons

Director: Jeremy Hendrix

Performance Dates:

April 27, 28 – 2018

May 4, 5 – 2018

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Audition Dates: Feb 18, 20 | 7:00 PM

Female Roles: 4 Adults

Male Roles: 6 Adults

* To audition for a role in one of our plays, check the audition schedule above.  Auditions are held in our theatre in Brownstown.  Our February play is presented as a dinner theatre in Seymour.  All other performances are on our stage in Brownstown.

Anyone wishing to work on the production in an offstage capacity (lights, sound, set building, painting, ushering, costuming, etc.) is welcome to attend auditions, or to contact JCCT at 812-358-JCCT or email:

For insurance purposes, anyone accepting an acting role with JCCT must become a member of our theatre.  Anyone can become a member for a nominal fee of just $5 per year. 

Unless the director specifies otherwise, no preparation is needed for auditions. However, those trying out should bring a list of dates which might conflict with rehearsals. Jackson County Community Theatre is found at the Royal Off-the-Square Theatre, 121 W. Walnut St., Brownstown.

If you have any questions, please send and email to:


* Unless otherwise noted, auditions are held at the theatre.

Would you like to direct a play?  Go to the:  Director’s Page